EU Internal Market Information and Promotion
Registration (EC no.94/2002)
Wine department
As wine is one of the elements at the basis of the entire European cultural heritage, and in particular of the Mediterranean countries, the “Vino è” campaign was launched by Unavini,Unione Nazionale delle Organizzazioni dei Produttori Vitivinicoli, financed by the European Community and Italy, and with Enoteca Italiana from Siena as qualified partner and executor. The campaign intends to inform and promote quality wine within the EU market, focusing on some specific aspects such as information on the assortment and production conditions of European wines, their quality, their link with the territory and the wine –and-food culture.
· Consumers (focusing on ages between 30 and 50)
· Winegrowing professionals
· Public and private institutions (regions, provinces ,municipalities, chambers of commerce, agriculture, arts and crafts and industry, public wine cellars, tourist promotion institutions, safeguard syndicates, wine routes and so on)

In selected locations such as:
-specialized distributions and use venues:restaurants, wine cellars, wine bars
-Large distribution
-Regional, national and international cultural events.

Campagna finanziata con il contributo dell'Unione Europea e dell'Italia